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Lahti, Finland

Lahti, Finland 12-2009
Lahti ski jumpings hills, private swap. little info about hills

Hill Size:                          HS 130
K-Point:                        116 m
Hill record:                    135,5 m (Andreas Widhölzl AUT, 2006-03-04,WC & Eric Frenzel GER, 2008-02-29, NC)
Inrun length:                  149 m

Height of takeoff:          3,41 m
Speed:                         approx. 93 km/h

Hill Size:                          HS 97
K-Point:                        90 m
Hill record:                    99,0 m (Jaakko Tallus FIN, 2001-02-15, NC
                                             & Adam Małysz POL, 2001-02-22, WSC)
Official hill record:         98,5 m (Janne Ahonen FIN, 2000-03-04, WC
                                             & Adam Małysz POL, 2001-02-23, WSC)

Hill Size:                          HS 70
K-Point:                        64 m
Hill record:                    72,5 m (Jarkko Määttä FIN, 2008-03-01, FIS)

Spectator capacity:          approx. 80,000
Year of construction:        1974-‘77
Further jumps:                  K38, K25, K15, K8, K6
Plastic matting:                all
Ski club:                          Lahden Hiihtoseura

Lahti is self is situated at the southern border of the Finnish lakes area, Lahti is just 100 km north-eastern ofHelsinki, the capitol of Finland. The city is a winter sports- centre that hosts the Finnish ski championships every year. There are a ski-arena, a great indoor sports centre and a speed-skating track in the city. In 1926, 1938, 1958, 1978, 1989 and 2001 Lahti hosted the Nordic WSC. More about Lahti Hills here

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