Friday, April 16, 2010


after one sad day where we lost a great musician i didn't post any postcard now let's back to cards and for main purpose of this blog... let's continue with this.-.....

Sjenica Serbia 1993 
an old postcard  recived it so long ago in time i was in Croatia in Tucepi.Oh on the first part is a fontain and monument to partizans i think, don't member very well, and on otehr pic (down) s meteo house on the hill near town.  Sjenica is a town and municipality in Zlatibor District of Serbia, in the region of Raška. It's an old town firstly mentioned in 1253 as a place where many merchants rested and paid taxes while going to Dubrovnik . little more about this towHERE oh and one more fatc about Sjenica town is this is coldest town in former Yugoslavia had biggest temperature under zero but im not sure how much was it 

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