Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ljubljana Slovenia 6-12-2002

Multiview of Slovenian Capitol, Laibach is name Ljubljana on German. 


Ljubljana Slovenia 8-12-2003 

Both cards are recived from same person, a friend from Gorica, and yeah both are written and stamped,
first cards shows some parts of  Ljubljana but second card is showing some bus station or something like that not sure with that slovenian,
Slovenia is small country and it was part of  good old Yugoslavia, and it's first part that become independet back in 1991,  and first one that joined EU , and very well know for stealin money to Bosnian people that ahd it in Ljubljanska Banka, they never give it back, and surely that was huge amount of money thats how slovenia become strong, ..... anyway there is one joke about slovenians thats involves bosnians, but some other time for that, anyway if anyone need more info about this beautifull city click here

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