Monday, June 28, 2010

São Vicente

Sao Vicente, Sao Paulo , Brazil 12-2002 

This is last Brasilian postcard in my collection, let's hope it won't stop here, same as prevus i got this one from same person, Danielle, obrigado Dani.
It's a São Vicente a coastal city of southern São PauloIt was the first Portuguese permanent settlement in the Americas and the first capital of theCaptaincy of São Vicente, now the state of São Paulo. Established as a proper village in 1532 byMartim Afonso de Sousa on what was then the Porto dos Escravos (port of the slaves), operated by three Portuguese colonists who trafficked on slaves captured by allied tribes, São Vicente is titled Cellula Mater (Mother Cell) of Brazil for being the first organized town in the country. The first City Council of all the Americas was democratically elected and established in São Vicente on August 22, 1532. little more here
Sorry for bad picture quality, still digi-cam 

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