Monday, July 19, 2010

Kiroileva Siili

Kiroileva Siili, Finland 15-7-2010

What a suprised when i got this card from finland, postman totlay suprised me cause i never expected such card, i love  this comics and i  use one of this  as avatar at many places ever here at blogger.Kiroileva siili (Finnish for "the swearing hedgehog")is a comic strip written and drawn by Finnish artist Milla Paloniemi from Vantaa.The strip stars a hedgehog, who is aggressive and prone to profanity, and the last panel of the strip is usually abundant with swearwords. The strip received attention when it was featured in the Ilta-Sanomat newspaper in January 2007, which caused the self-published album Kiroileva siili to rise as the top-selling comic album of the Academic Bookstore. In February 2007, the publishing company Sammakko published a hardcover collection of Kiroileva siili strips, which rose to the most-sold book in Finland for the entire spring. At the Kemi comics days in 2007, Milla Paloniemi was awarded the Strippi-Lempi award for her comic Kiroileva siili. In 2008, the strip won its first Comics Finlandia prize. And if anyone is interested now can see some comis online at official site of  Kiroileva siili  
Kiitos to Tina and Christina for such a nice card :)

And here is stamp from this Kiroileva siili card, showin Aurora borealis (more)

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