Sunday, October 31, 2010


Kikinda, Serbia  06-08-2007 

Postcard received from two friends Daca and Milana from the town of Kikinda, there is also one more Kikinda postcard from same friends. 
Kikinda is town in part of Serbia called Vojvodina.The modern city was founded in 18th century. From 1774 to 1874 Kikinda was the seat of the so-called District of Velika Kikinda, the autonomous administrative unit of Austria-Hungary. In 1893 Kikinda was granted the status of a town.  The name of Kokenyd is first found recorded in 1423 as a property of the Hungarian king Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor. This Settlement was deserted after Banat Uprising in 1594. Info taken from Wiki Kikinda 
On postcard is Winter and  summer views on the square in front of catholic church 

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