Monday, February 27, 2012

Ahu Tongariki & Cordillera del Paine

Chile  12- 2011

Two more postcards form Chile, from same dude, a present from Hernan. New and unwritten cards.

Rapa Nui - Ahu Tongariki. The Moais make Eastern island, or Rapa Nui, one of the most important toursit attractions and archeological interest in the world, They are male, figures carved from volcanic rock that represent Lords or other powerful men from different periods of the island's history. These moais have been put on ahu - word with double meaning: on  one hand it designates the stone baseboards where the moias are set, but it also refers to a sacred place where the moias would be a speaker between men and Gods. The Ahu Tongarki is the biggest in the island and it consists of 15 moais that were partially destroyed in the 1960 earthquake and was recently rebuilt in the 1990's. Today, we can see the line of moais that while giving their back to the ocean communicate the earth with the sky. (from cards background)

Codillera del Paine - It is a large group of mountains with impressive towers of granite, "horns" (cuernos) and the enormous "Paine Grande". these massifs are surrounded by glaciers that float in amazing turquoise and esmerald colored water. This place was designated World Biospehre Reservations by UNESCO, as well as "national Park" by the Chilean Government. (from cards background)

Once more big thanks to Hernan who sent me these nice cards.

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