Sunday, May 6, 2012

Praha - Česká republika


Czech Republic
Capital: Prague
Motto: Truth prevails

Prague, Czech republic, 04- 2012 

Finaly i got so wanted, postcard from Czech Republic,  didn't knew it will be hard, cause it doesn't look like hard to get country, anyway here it is, new unwritten from Prague.
Prague is capital of  Czech R. and also one of most beautyfull city's in world, 14th largest in EU, on the river Vltava. much more about city here
Oh big thx to MECKA who gave me this postcard. Hvala  Medicu care  


Mecka said...

NP, glad I could help! Take care! :)

misagan said...

Hi Eddie,
I am wondering if you are still interested in a written and stamped postcard from the Czech republic? You wrote me a time ago on my blog but didn't reply.