Monday, October 27, 2014


Montenegro, Ulcinj summer 2014 

Ulcinj  is the southernmost town in Montenegro. The town of Ulcinj has a population of 10,707 (2011 census)of which the majority are Albanians.
Ulcinj is the centre of Ulcinj Municipality and the centre of the Albanian community in Montenegro.
There has always been the water cult in Ulcinj. It is believed that the image of Bindus, the Illyrian God of water and the sea,  was carved into the walls of the Old Town. Many fountains used to be built in the area of this town for people's use,but for the souls of the dead too. A legend says that it is better to make a fountain than a sacral building. Therefore, in the town only there used to be more than 30 of them. Today there is just half of it.

Capital: Podgorica
Population: 625,266 (2010)

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